Visions of the Order of Truth

After receiving the truth in contrast to the corruption and degenerate nature of the world; I found what I truly love. Instead of thinking about what I hate about my life experiences, my life experiences have shown me what I love.

Only after a man cheated me of my precious time, resources, and didn’t pay me what he owed me I found my new love.

I felt much hatred for a short period of time, now I realize that human beings don’t really exist. The confused mind of the egotistical man doesn’t even exist.

The man who cheated me will pay terrible price of suffering until that confusion he holds is destroyed. Its the destruction of his confusion that will cause him great suffering, only because he holds onto it with such stubbornness.

It is the Universal Being in Essence that is everyone and everything; this is what exists, will always exist, and always will exist.

As I was in deep meditation and renunciation I felt the deep hatred and anger I had for all the degenerates I had me along my travels; including the man who cheated me.

I had a vision of essence universal self. I felt and saw the essence and how all of human kind is confused thinking they are individuals. How all sentient beings don’t really exist.

I saw the Order of Truth as pure essence bringing all sentient beings out of confusion, beyond individuality, out of the realms of suffering, and absorbing into the essence truth forever.

The relative individual dies from within and then without, the Universal Self Essence comes through. The only true being that has always existed comes through to the relative reality.

I had a vision of all sentient beings coming to the true essence and dieing the death of the ego, karma, limitations, and suffering. I saw all sentient beings as just pure essence moving forward in the true purpose and mission.

The ultimate mission of all sentient beings being that they are freed from karma, death, rebirth, and suffering.

That all sentient beings at this point in development have the same ultimate mission, but in the relative reality each sentient being has a differing part to play in that ultimate mission.

Just like the brain has the mission to be the computer for the mind, the liver has the mission to take out poisons, and toxins out of the body. We are like cells of one great body. We all have the same ultimate mission. Each cell of the body has a mission and purpose; to live, survive, and serve the greater whole so the body can continue to survive.

If one cell becomes individual in consciousness and wants to do something for itself only and refuses to serve the whole; then the cell becomes a disease like cancer. The cell multiplies and multiplies until the body dies. Then the cell who wanted to do its own thing also dies.

The very nature of the universe and the truth never changes. So in true spiritual reality that which really exists never can be corrupted. It is the confusion of our own mind that corrupts us on a relative reality level, not the absolute level.

So to explain my vision and what I felt in Meditation it is only to say that the absolute truth of all beings is that they are divine truth. It is the confusion of their minds that makes it so they don’t really exist as to the relative reality. When the confusion of the mind is removed and the essence comes forward the essence purpose and mission comes foward.

For the person on the true spirituality path the awakening may not be a realization of any the essence purpose mission. The realization might be I need to do something for someone else, myself, or the world, or to better myself. Each of us are on different points of progression on the path.

Some may have a purpose and mission to help others, while others might have a purpose or mission to be a destroyer that destroys bad things from the world.

One woman who was awakening along the path, she had the revelation from a past life. Her current mission and purpose was to fix a relationship from a past life. It was a karmic thing she needed to do before she could move on.

She fixed the past life relationship and moved onto to the next part of the mission. Not everyone will be a great Master Adept or Avatar. Each of us are to awaken face where we are in the path and go to the next step.

No one can really tell you all of that, a Master or Guru can guide you, but in the end you must follow your own path of progression on the path.

Ultimately it all leads to the same realization.

The Universal Realization click here








10 fold path.




Order of Truth Initiation Manual outline

Order of truth Dharma Book
Original Christianity with cds of true knowledge, owning it, renunciation, jewels cd, lords prayer meditation cds


Introduction to Vajrayana mandala offering, guru yoga, vajrasattva,

Kalichakra preliminary practices  Bible code, Chakra meditation, White Horse stuff, sword and wishing jewel, Shield
unweaving and conquering to infinite and zero to transcendence

low mastery to High Mastery

Bible, Vajrayana, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, all from the point of Jungian psychology, Vajrayana practices to emptiness
learning Universal Dharma of each archetypal symbolic story religion.



Only 50 Adept Masters will be able to Teach the Order of Truth at one time. Teach meaning being able to give full services, and full initiations in place of the Avatar.

These 50 Adept Masters will be fully trained by the Maha Avatar with full knowledge, initiation, and truth as the Maha Avatar holds it even for himself.

Adept Masters are chosen by the Maha Avatar, they do not choose to be Adept Masters, the Maha Avatar chooses them.

Each Master will wear a necklace with the symbol of the Non Individual Essence.  The Necklace is found here. Below is a link to the Jeweler who made these necklaces.

Adept master Necklace



My mission and purpose was only cryptically and symbolically prophesied. It is here that I explain more in detail.

I remember that at age two years old I had access to the infinite knowledge of all sentient beings. My mind was one with the Universal Mind. I had great knowledge and I was very much an intellectual even at the age of two. I talked about things millions and thousands of years ago with my mother whom seemed to be quite interested in the things I had to say.

As with all children in the world of the most degenerate Kali Yuga I eventually got dumbed down repressed and controlled by the degenerate people of the age. I fought them every step of the way almost from the very beginning of my life. My life has been one of great war, conflict, and severity.

When you shake up the group mind that commands you to conform they will fight you and yes even try to kill you. I had no idea why I lived through all my experiences until I woke up again to who I really am eternally.

The thick veil of darkness put over me by the group mind, society, and religion was very heavy until about age ten years old. Events took place that triggered me to look for solutions to problems I had in my life. I found chakra meditation, and peaceful eastern teachings of Hindu and Buddhist for the first time at age ten.

I never stopped practicing yoga, nor meditation since I was ten years old. I always had the thought of enlightenment, spirituality, and truth on my mind.

Even though I was very spiritual my nature, manifestation, and life was very violent. Many people who came against me mysteriously ended up disabled or neutralized.

I had visions of riding a white horse with many other white horse riders behind me. I thought this meant I was a joint heir with Christ. These visions seemed Christian to me according to the white horse prophecy in the book of Revelations. I didn’t know about Kalki nor had I even heard of the Kalki Purana when I was growing up. I only knew that I had very profound visions of the divine. What these visions really meant I had no Idea.

I searched the truth and holy writ for years without even thinking that I was anyone important at all.

Deep within me I didn’t want to know who I was. The real me was afraid of waking up to who I really am because of the degenerate nature of the world. Who wants to wake up to the pure divine being that you are in a dirty degenerate world. The contrast is way too great! The pain of becoming enlightened is sooo great that most people who awaken go back to sleep very quickly. There is no real support structure, no real purity.

Sure there are old traditions, and old religions that have lost their true meaning and practices.

So I have awoken in many stages and parts in the journey of life. I always thought I needed a Guru or a teacher. Now I realize that I have always been naturally beyond Gurus and Teachers.

My path has been a process of elimination. Eliminating what is not true, and eliminating what doesn’t work. Only keeping what is true and what works in that truth. All else is just worthless.

In my journey in meditation, and yoga practice I took methodical scientific methods to find out that which is, was, and always will be. The that which never changes. The relative reality of life things are always changing. The absolute reality never changes, and the absolute reality shows you the causes of the relative one.

It is the true Wisdom that comes from the Divine that teaches you how to deal with life, the degenerate confusion of humans, and how to break the cycles of suffering in this world.

It is enlightenment that gives you the ability to destroy the darkness. Enlightenment is living in the absolute reality despite the illusions of the relative reality.

Awakening is realizing who you are, what your mission is.

In the relative reality my path was that of destruction, and avoidance. Destroying all that got in my way along my path, and avoiding the degenerate people as much as possible.

Even so called spiritual people were not clear of symbolic and traditional values of religion. Many of them had a habit of arguing for their enslavement.

I would have accomplished the inner development and mission within the first 13 years of life had it not been for the degenerate infection Kali Yuga left upon the human race. It was my closest friends, those who knew me best that were my greatest teachers and my greatest enemies.

By the time I was 40 years old I realized my purpose and mission and started to Institute the Order of Truth.



Order of Truth Path

The day to day life in the Order of Truth is quite simple.

  1. live in the present moment
  2. own your existence take responsibility so you can fulfill your purpose mission
  3. obey the principles, laws governing your purpose and mission
  4. Be who you really are from Essence non individual source

The path is a balance between heart centered awareness and being practical down to earth. We must be practical down to earth in such a way as to overcome the world and bring our Purpose and Mission into manifestation on the Earth despite the corrupt and degenerate nature of the world.

Our will power must be unwaving and steady and stable in alignment with our Purpose and Mission with the Essence.

  1. Essence Source
  2. Heart
  3. Mind
  4. Will power

It is our entire being moving forward for one chief aim that is the key to successfully finding our happy path in life. Always remembering it is enjoying the journey and forgetting about the results; for the Divine Essence is much smarter than we personally are and has a far better something for us than we can imagine.

The path is a daily routine of meditation, and practice for only an hour to three hours a day. The rest of the day is spent in being the divine manifestation we all are in the Divine Purpose and Mission.

People in the Order of Truth are active hard working people who produce results from the Divine Essence Purpose Mission in which they incarnated into.

Once the initiate has been trained by the Master the initiate is ready to go out into the world and progress in the path. The initiate becomes a Master by daily practice in the world. Once the intitiate Masters what they are taught the he is a Master. The new Master does not go and teach others immediately, but finishes the work of his own Divine Purpose and Mission. When the Great Master finishes his own Divine Purpose and Mission in which they were sent; the Master Dedicates his life to teachings others so other can do as he has done.

It is with this achievement I speak.

To find out about Kalki’s achievements and Path click here


Destroying Enemies












10 fold path




Realizing your Order of Truth



Order of Truth Empowerment

The Empowerment of the Order of Truth is a Meditation, Realization and Contemplation process.

The Empowerment is simple.

We have our true nature in Essence. Essence is where are Dharma mission Purpose comes from. The Dharma purpose Mission is from our true Nature Essence. It is the 2nd nature that gets confused based upon our perceptions of the world. The 2nd nature is our insticts and the natural drives we aquire in being in a relative reality dream world.

We all want to be safe, survive, secure, and to thrive, be stable in that safety, survival and thriving. In having a physical body that can get hurt; we aquire our reality of what is safe, secure, and stability. We all want to be in the flow of who we really are and being in the flow of our true nature brings us joy, it is our nature to want the world to reflect back at us our true divine nature. We want to have power and control over the world, our reality and what happens to us to we can have a world that reflects what happens back to us in a way that is pleasing. We all want approval and praise and love, because we want a clear and empowering path with the rest of the world that keeps in the flow of who we are. Negative feed back, criticism, judgement, condemnation all keep us from being in the flow of who we are from source.

“Respect” Order of Truth’s definition “Respect means to honor, empower, give love, and nuture the full potential within all sentient beings. Through love, approval, praise of anything anyone does along the lines of their true positive potential in dharma; this empowers the essence along their mission and purpose.

The true empowerment in the order of truth is the deepest and utmost respect for others and all life. To teach others to respect you and to respect others. A inner circle of close people who have a purpose to awaken to their mission and to have the utmost respect for others so their mission is awakened to is a vital aspect of the order of truth.

No other empowerment can be given within the order of truth until this ideal is reached!

The nature to survive, thrive, be safe, be secure, have power, control, manipulate, be approved of and praised, and loved is where are dual nature starts. Its where our relative reality connects to our essence.

The second part of the empowerment is first comtemplate upon where our dual nature starts. To realize how we have created coping mechanisms within the world to have power, control, love, approval, praise, safety, security, stability, and so forth.

Is how we wield our dual nature empowering us to be in alignment with the true Essence and Source that we all truly are?

Once this deep realization is realized then the disciple of the Order of Truth can go through the many layers of mental confusion in how it deals with its dream world, and how it created its own dream world in its mind.

The confusion and ignorance can be thrown off and the beginning of our dual nature can repair its self to not betray the truth. Our dual nature betrays our own heart felt truth to survive, to be safe, to get love, to fit in, to conform; instead of being the awesome truth that we have always been, are, and always will be.

Our dual nature can repair its own confusion and instead of being two it can become one again with the Truth.

This process leads us to three. Three is our thoughts, the mental chatter, our mind stream. This process is difficult for many because they do not understand the true nature of reality, the brain, and the mind.

Many of your stray thoughts are not your own, many emotions not your own. With over seven billion people on the planet; we all in varying degrees pick up on the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of others. Some people have no independent thought at all and are just a ticker tape program of what they have been told by others.

It is reprogramming and repatterning your mind, your mind stream, and your energy flow to be in alignment with the Essence and truth that you truly are. Not what you intellectually or spiritually think the truth is from your own mind; but from the Essence beyond the mind.

Once we have changed our thinking the vibration of our energy, emotions, and feelings will change.

Four is our emotions, feelings, energy’s frequency, and trajectory within the infinite possibilities. What possibility are you weaving into your reality. Is this in alignment and agreement with who you are from Essence Source or is it from the Ego?

Once three and four has taken place we go to five. Five is the etheric, astral realm, and akashic records. In the Order of Truth the Etheric, Astral realm, and akashic records are taught in depth. How to erase the bad and put in things that are in alignment with the essence source.

The Etheric and Astral is the Mother of the universe; it is the womb in which all things are born. The mental and frequency of your projective emotions feelings is the Father energy. When they both align it creates a balanced spiral of energy for something to manifest that is in harmony with the all.

Six is the merging of four and five in alignment.

Seven is the force influence created by the new manifestation.

You are a manifestation in the world as being a human being, a body, with a mind and intellect, and imagination.

Eight is the contract, vow, agreement that the manifestation was created under.

In the Order of Truth only people who have been initiated in 1-7 recieve instructions for 8.

Only a Master within the Order of Truth can and will be able to initiate you.

Those who are willing to devote themselves to the Order of Truth receive full instructions so they can Center, Align, and awaken to their true Mission and Purpose in this life.

The Order of Truth’s mission is to properly guide people to their true mission and purpose on the path to fulfillment and satisfaction.




Order of Truth Seed, Root

The Seed and Root of your Mission and Purpose began before you were born, it is as old as time. Your Purpose and Mission was always as certain as the creation of human beings.

Your Purpose and Mission is a part of the Eternal Grand Design.

For example: Before I was born Kali Yuga was a certainty to start and to begin. By the cycles of time it was certain that people will become pure, degenerate, and then become pure again. I am sure that through the eons of the cycles of time this is not the first time the Order of Truth has come to sentient beings.

I remember that while I was up in the Eternal Kingdom of Hari Krishna, Hari Radna I recieved a report. This report detailed a few thousand things. To simplify what was in that report I’ll say it said: “The world has altogether become corrupt again, man has enslaved even himself. We need you.” I rushed down as fast as I could and didn’t even look. I moved like a rushing wind down to earth! ]

I really remember it that way, its not just a story.

So it is with you, there is a reason why your here! Maybe your here to fix your Karma, maybe your here cause you chose to come like me, but didn’t need to come for yourself. Maybe your here cause you are a confused mind and keep getting stuck on the cycle of death and rebirth. Whatever the reason the Order of Truth is here to guide you. The Order of Truth is here to Awaken you to your True Dharma Destiny! Dharma Destiny = Essence Mission Purpose in its Dharma.

Many blessings.

So the Seed and Root of the Order of Truth is the very grand design of why you are here, and why you have your mission. For each person the Seed and Root is different. Everyone’s Mission and Purpose is different.



The Order of Truth Part 2

It is the Divine Essence that we are that is pushing us forward to our Destiny. This Divine Essence has the truth as to why we are here, what we are here to do.

The power of the Divine Essence comes through our nature. The nature to have power and control over our life and world, to be approved of, loved, praised, to be safe, secure, and stable.

It is our interpretation of the world that tells us how to do these things based on the five senses, what the school system tells us, the government, our parents; instead of the Divine Essence.

So it is the Divine Essence that drives us forward to do what we do. It is the confusion of humanity that takes that power, that drive, that motivation and twists it to the false story and belief.

Many people think a person or thing out in the world will make them happy; this is not necessarily true. It is your True Divine Essence Purpose Mission that will bring you happiness.

We are told if were good enough, powerful enough, obedient enough; then we’ll be happy. This is not true.

If we are obedient to the Universal principles and laws that coincide with achieving our Divine Purpose our Divine Mission then we’ll be happy.

The only one and true power that exists is the Divine Essence.

We were always good enough, it was society, school, parents, government that told us we were not good to their standards their degenerate reality.

We are all Divine Beings sentient enough to awaken to the Essence Divine that we all are!

We have all have a unique place, purpose and mission in this existence.




The Birthing Process of the Order of Truth

During this time Chee Keong Tan was still in my life. He was deeply involved in criminal activity and didn’t take responsibility for his actions. This man almost cost me everything! In the end he destroyed himself and is no longer with us sadly.

I can say with a clear conscience that I begged him, beat him, loved him, and even put him under hypnosis to get him to stop being an Enemy to the Truth. Nothing worked; some people are just degenerated rotten all the way through.

Recycle and start again!

In birthing the Order of Truth there was a great struggle between the Old School and the New one that was forming. They do not want me to succeed any of the Old Traditional Religions. It was a battle for my mind, because I know for a fact they wanted to put all force upon my mind as to keep me from the Order of Truth.

I started to write the truth according to my own realizations, and experiences; keeping dogma, doctrine, and the teachings of I had heard from others out of it as much as possible.

My mind was still boggled down by the force of past Guru’s and rituals I had attended.

I had some clarity on the Order of Truth, but I knew it was partly shaded with my past indoctrination, and that the full realization was not there.

I went back home to see my wife in the Shamballah. I sold my truck and bought a white motorcycle. My white horse.

Just two miles from the house is a very small airport. Next to that airport is a river. A public road goes parallell to the airport for fishing and hunting. I have been going there on my Motorbike to meditate and to pray. I was there  at the river across from the Airport on March 17 2017 that I had the full complete realization and clarity of the Order of Truth. I was very very happy.



Part 2 How the Order of Truth Came into the World

I went to Malaysia because the only friend I had was a Malaysian Chinese who came from an Athiest family. Little did I know he was a closet homosexual that was so far into the closet he found Narnia. Read the book Narnia be C.S. Lewis you’ll get the joke.

His name was Chee Keong Tan. Chee Keong Tan gave me a place to stay in a Condo in Malaysia. He was a gracious host, although he hated Malaysia; this made him a negative host as to where we were and he refused to show me around or take me around to all the sites.

Since he refused to take me around or show me around I ended up at a bar in Malaysia. I don’t drink alcohol and I have never even tasted beer in my life.

I met a woman from vietnam; we hit it off and she took me to her hotel. This was a start of a long sexual escapade that lasted two years. I had many consorts. I learned Tantric Sex, and I studied Tantra, Vajrayana, Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada, Hindu, Maha Yoga.

I first went to Sakya Tibetan tradition. There I dressed as a monk in Lama Tibetan Robes. I told them I am not a monk but i don’t wish to be bothered so i wore monk robes to keep silent.

It was my first initiation into Vajrayana and they told me to take off my robes. Big mistake! I took off my robes but this false instruction lead me to fight with the head Guru of Sakya Tibetan tradition. It also solidified the Kalki prophecy. In the Kalki Purana it talks about my fights with Sakya Tibetan Buddhism, since that false Guru is the only head Guru with twin sons.

To date their lineage and tradition is alltogether ruined and degenerate. They threatened me and tried to attack me and thats a big big mistake!

updated information: Vajrayana has been cut from all sentient beings until further notice. Vajrayana is illegal and will not be permitted on the earth nor in its atmosphere.

I have seen how powerful Vajrayana is and in the wrong hands it does a lot of harm and suffering. In this degenerate age no one should be practicing Vajrayana until the Order of Truth is full spread upon the earth.

Good thing Vajrayna has to flow from something in order for their to be empowerment. All empowerments have been cancelled and taken from all sentient beings. Why do we need power if we’ll only hurt each other with it. Good intentions are not enough!


When I went to Vajrayana Initiations they gave empowerment, instructions, and we had powerful experiences.

  1. many people just went completely crazy
  2. many people attacked and hurt other people, i witnessed a nun dressed in robes attack a lay person and try to kill her, in a Sangha this is just nuts!
  3. They did not give proper instructions nor answer questions many times, just gave empowerment and then left.
  4. many people didn’t want enlightenment nor to bettter the world, they came to gain power to make money, or to have influence over others, or for some selfish reason.
  5. Guru’s have the wrong attitude of influence and control over their students, disciples.
  6. Even many tibetan monks and Lamas said: “We are going into a dark age.” “Vajrayana has degenerated greatly.”
  7. They do not give proper support nor conditions to obey the vows you take, I would ask for a retreat or a way to meditate and study without people bothering me. They would scoff at me and tell me to go back to my country.


The Degenerate State of India, China, and Tibet.

It was the Europeans that came into China, India, and took over at different times. They came with guns and Opium/drugs to mess up the people. The people were starving and over taxed. The Chinese were a people of great Masters, Adepts, Buddhas, and Gurus until the European people degenerated them with Opium and the westergn world.

India was taken over by the British Government until Mahatma Gandhi came in. India was given a taste of the modern world. In India they watch all the television that copies the modern western world mentality. All countries Mimick the UK and America thinking it is so great! They have lost much of their original Culture and have degenerated their proud spirituality to the point of even savagery.


Through my study of the Asian Cultures I have seen how India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Tibet, and all the other Asian countries and its people are degenerated, confused, afraid, people.

It is important to note that the first year of my traveling I didn’t even know who I was. Through Meditation, Yoga, and observing everything carefully; I found out who I really was.

After being sorely disapointed by Guru’s, Monks, Nuns, and Hindus in my journey it all came down to a very quiet whisper in my mind. “You are Kalki.”

The entire story of this is in my first book. “Order of Truth”

The only reason I found out I was Kalki isn’t because I was necessarily supposed to find out. I have always thought that if your a Buddha or a divine being its best not to know about it. If thats who and what you are, its best to just live your life and let your mission unfold.

The only reason I found out who I am is because through all the dispointment and trials I went through; I would have gone completely crazy otherwise had I not found out.

When I was growing up some people said I would be Prophet of the Church. Some said I was a Shaman, some said I was an idiot, some said I was things I can’t repeat. I was told three times in my life that I was Kalki the Avatar by other people. I didn’t believe any of it and just shrugged it off. To me it was all just a name a label.

In 2016 me being Kalki became very real to me because of:

  1. that still small voice that spoke into my mind
  2. I read the Kalki Purana and it matched my life exactly!
  3. The KALKI purana matched everying in my life I had done so far!
  4. I always hated the way i was born and where i was born, but Guru’s told me I was born in a Shamballah and lived in a Shamballah.
  5. I married a woman on an Island that adheres to the 4 fold mission of Lakshmi


After I read the Kalki Purana for the first time I just cried, I cried real tears and wept!

I wept for humanity and I felt sorry for them. I said if I am Kalki Maha Avatar then the humanity is in big trouble!!! Humanity is in big trouble and this is the purpose of me writing this blog.

I read that I would kill many enemies of the truth. My urges to kill people when they did bad things was not crazy after all! I realized it was prophecy and that the group mind of all the people who believed in Kalki was pushing for this. I realized that Kalki the Destroyer is a divine aspect of the Universe that humankind perceived in a limited view. The group mind of humanity was pushing me according to their limitations as they read, and meditated upon Kalki; each time they read the Kalki Purana. Reading the Kalki Purana has been going on for thousands of years. How AM I to make the world a better place if the limited confused group mind of humanity is pushing me. I went for refuge, did Vajrasattva, Guru Yoga to ParashurRama, made Mandala Offering and went into deep meditation.

I saw the divine truth pure in a vision; I gave over all the mind guck of humanity that connected to me over to that divine truth. Your will be done; not the archetypal symbolic race consciousness of human beings.

And thus started the birthing process of the Order of Truth.