Jewelry of Maha Avatar Kalki for Lakshmi lovers!

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A special type of Jewel is made by this Master Jeweler

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Only 50 Adept Masters will be able to Teach the Order of Truth at one time. Teach meaning being able to give full services, and full initiations in place of the Avatar.

These 50 Adept Masters will be fully trained by the Maha Avatar with full knowledge, initiation, and truth as the Maha Avatar holds it even for himself.

Adept Masters are chosen by the Maha Avatar, they do not choose to be Adept Masters, the Maha Avatar chooses them.

Each Master will wear a necklace with the symbol of the Non Individual Essence.  The Necklace is found here. Below is a link to the Jeweler who made these necklaces.

Adept master Necklace