Order of Truth Movie

Maha Avatar Kalki

Tony Monk

Order of Truth is 4 fold

  1. Finding out what the Order of Truth is through documenting non independent discovery with other people.  I am asking people if they ever heard of The Order of Truth. Then based on their answers finding out more specific details of their Truth.
  2. What is going on in my mind, and how my mind even creates Dream, Illusion of the world. Also exploring going beyond the mind to what is really happening with people, events, and the world beyond the illusion and beyond the Maya.
  3. Documenting specifically the worst evils in the world. What is the Divine Driving Purpose behind it and how peoples minds get confused.
  4. Going to different Gurus and Holy Men and testing them on their Truth, their Teachings to see if they are really legitimate.

Update on progress of making the documentary.

I got some camera equipment, nothing special.

I have been documenting my journey with the Order of Truth and being with Kalki from the inside.

So far i have lots of camera time talking to people about the Order of Truth.

What they believe and the order in how they follow it.

I have lots of camera time in asking people if they ever heard of Kalki.

I also have detailed conversations and documentary of people talking about Kalki.