Healing People Throughout the World

Tony Monk

healing american people

Add your ribbon of healing to my website by sending your graphic to lightdarkmaster@mail.com

I am accepting ribbons of Healing for all countries, planets, races, and beings. Please send me a ribbon of healing for your country, state, or group. lightdarkmaster@mail.com

We need to remember that all people are us. We are all one spirit and one soul. It is God Universal Eternal Nature that is leading us to be of one mind in peace one day.

All people around the world need healing. Especially cops, politicians, judges, lawyers, criminals, teachers, administrators, and principals. Instead of being negative against the New World Order let us be neutral and balanced.

Negative and destructive against the sin and transgression. Negative against the slavery, and oppression they want to bring. Positive in Healing the People all people from every country.

If you are for healing all people and are from another country; send me a graphic of a ribbon of your country colors and flag for healing. Put in the graphic a statement of healing for all the people in your country.

Let us stand for healing, not fighting.

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