Demiurge: I only wish to keep people in this world so they can continue to labor and work and put all that they are to the creation of this world. You can build Churches to whom ever God or religion you want but in the end they are my churches.

Yeshua the Deliverer: I curse all your churches and all your false leaders especially those in the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I curse all the secret societies and secret combinations. This world will burn and their will be a new Heaven and a New Earth. You lost the battle before it began Demiurge!

Demiurge: I am the God of this world, I am the God of the Old Testament the Jews, I am the one who lead all the children of God into this earth and made the plan of salvation.

Yeshua the Delieverer: You may have deceived human kind into getting bodies on the earth. It was I who took upon myself the syns of the world so they could all be delievered from your hands and at least come into the New Jerusalem, and others can go to Celestial existence beyond the New Jerusalem. You blinded the minds and tried to repress the hearts of the People of the ^ Eternal Home and the Eternal Family ^ as to have them create the earth as a prison so they could never get out. We as ^ Eternal Family Eternal Home that is whole and complete have already defeated you! We exist in controlling and moving a physical body on earth, but we are in that Eternal Home in the Highest Heart. We are not subject to your Archons, Arche-types, Symbols, mind numbing stories you call scripture, nor are we subject to your controlling religions anymore. The Order of Truth is Supreme in this world. Most of the humans on this earth are deceiving you! They still buy worthless things in the stores, and go to your worthless religions and they are undercover plotting against you Demiurge. I have sent them against you to orchestrate and plot against the world you deceived them into creating. The Gospel and the Dharma has is Now! Now is the time of my power and Now is the time for you Demiurge to go into the pit of everlasting wo.

Demiurge interupts: You can’t do this I am the God of this world! I created all these churches, I created the world to be a desert, a jungle of poisons. We agreed that I could blind the hearts of men and take them down as I please as long as they had a choice.

Yeshua the Delieverer: No I said you would have a time to work against the Souls of men. Now your time is past, and the old Shoes made those old souls that are put on the feet of men to play roles of suffering are past! The old roles, those old souls put on the feet are burned up. All Archons, Archetypes, Old Stories, roles, Old Souls on the feet are now burned up! All things are made new in an Age of Truth! All simulations and Matrixing, all Sorcery and Black Magick are burned up, and especially The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is burned completely!

With one swift movement Yeshua the Deliverer has a box that has a great key. He took all the deceivers, all those who wants to change out the souls of men and deceive them to keep them trapped. All the demi gods who work for the demiurge, all the enemies of truth and jailers of souls were put in that box by a single hand gesture of Yeshua the Deliverer, and by a single hand gesture the Demiurge was put in that box. The Demiurge and all his demons, minions, bishops, preachers, diocesee, elders, high priests, politicians, agents, and so forth; screamed and yelled to be get free and struggled. Yeshua the Deliverer closed the box and turned the key. After a while Yeshua the Deliverer opened the box and it was pristine clean and empty. It seems that the Demiurge and all his followers are gone forever? Or were they completely destroyed from existence? Where did they go?

Yeshua the Deliverer says: “Where they went is a Secret in the Father in me.” They have no more power, the more you observe them the more you observe me! If you focus on evil or the bad or those who create prison and oppress it goes to me. If you focus in such a way as the old age that brought untruth I might put you in that box.

Then Yeshua the Deliverer said in a very stern and wrathful  voice: “For sure if you focus on Satan, Devil, Lucifer, the Demiurge in such a way as in the old age past I will come to you in my own way and I will discipline you until I break you down enough to remake you into a  person of this Age of Truth. It was the mind of confused beings focused upon evil and gave it power. Focus upon something creates it to be a reality in your reality. Even if they exist or don’t exist it creates it to be an entity, a being, or an incarnation in your reality if you focus upon it. Only focus upon the Box when thinking of evil, Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the Demiurge. For I put them in a box and now they are gone and the rest is just a Secret in the Father within me; for observing evil is to be no more! An age of Truth has begun and it suffice for me to say it as much as this and no more!”

I Maha Avatar Kalki witnessing this tell you to give heed! Make only places in your life for truth, light, life, and way. Only have the Age of Truth fill your life or you will cut yourself out of this Age of Truth and fall away into darkness and go into that box! If you make a place for evil to be in your life then you are a part of the old age that is passed, and all that is of the old age of the past of untruth goes in that box. Yeshua will come to save you but he will break you of your untruth! Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Demiurge and all who served them are no more. If they even exist at all I don’t even know, where they went I have no knowledge of, what fate befalls those who go in the box I dare not even try to imagine.