The real teachings they elite, and the secret societies, and the world leaders never wanted the Public to have is the Teachings of Creation, Existence, Consciousness, and Being. These teachings give the Universal Laws and Principles as to our Creation, Existence, Being, and Consciousness. I have included the links to the books that give these teachings. These teachings were taught by Jesus.


The Nine Letters of Christ that teach the Laws of Existence.

The Ancient Prophecy about the coming of the Deliverer that is over 4000 years old.

About the Hidden Secret that will save your life.


From the book the Forbidden Secret

“Michael Denton describes it so beautifully:
To grasp the reality… we must magnify a cell a thousand
million times until it is twenty kilometres in diameter and
resembles a giant airship large enough to cover a great city
like London or New York. What we would then see would
be an object of unparalleled complexity and adapted design.
On the surface of the cell we would see millions of
openings, like the portholes of a vast space ship, opening
and closing to allow a continual stream of materials to flow
in and out. If we were to enter one of these openings we
would find ourselves in a world of supreme technology and
bewildering complexity. We would see endless highly
organized corridors and conduits branching in every
direction away from the perimeter of the cell, some leading
to the central memory bank in the nucleus and others to
assembly plants and processing units. The nucleus itself
would be a vast spherical chamber more than a kilometre in
diameter, resembling a geodesic dome inside of which we
would see, all neatly stacked together in ordered arrays, the
miles of coiled chains of the DNA molecules. A huge range
of products and raw materials would shuttle along all the
manifold conduits in a highly ordered fashion to and from
all the various assembly plants in the outer regions of the
We would wonder at the level of control implicit in the
movement of so many objects down so many seemingly
endless conduits, all in perfect unison. We would see all
around us, in every direction we looked, all sorts of robotlike
What we would be witnessing would be an object
resembling an immense automated factory, a factory larger
than a city and carrying out almost as many unique functions
as all the manufacturing activities of man on earth. (Michael
Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. Bethesda,”

Comments from the Maha Avatara

The Infinite complexity of all existence of beings within beings, that we are mere parts of a cell of one giant organism. There is nothing to figure out, no way we can understand or grasp all of it. The only thing to do is to follow eternal principles, and eternal laws of creation, being, existence and consciousness. If we break the laws then we suffer.

Some people think that there is something to figure out and that they can break out of the Matrix. The only Matrix to break out of is the illusions of your own mind and to find the Sacred Heart of the Christ within and follow that truth forever!