Maha Avatar Kalki means he didn’t want to be a deity at all, that all messengers who had a message and got killed in the process are revered as deities only because the fallen ones want to continue to kill the messenger again and again. Messengers or people who are Buddhas are just men who gain wisdom, enlightenment, and awakening for all sentient beings are not God, nor gods. Gods and gods this way is only in the mind of human beings.

In the ages in the past the Churches and the secret societies in the churches whip and beat the 144,000 over and over again that are the messengers and the Buddhas. They want to confuse their minds and make them think they are gods or Gods. This is so when they enter the church and say they are a god or God they can whip and beat them and kill them.

I never wanted to be a deity nor a God nor god, I always wanted to be a simple man and meditate. What I became was a Buddha, a Buddha is a man who meditates and has loving kindness and compassion upon all beings. I am the Buddha of the 5th time, the Buddha of the 5th time figures out how all churches and religions are corrupt and how they write scriptures and prophecies regarding the coming of the 144,000 angels who come to assist human kind that are actual Buddhas.

In the age that has past already life time after life time they would capture these Buddhas and whip them because they would deify them and then kill them in the churches, or buildings set in the ground of worship.

I am so thankful that this age has passed due to the long hard work of all the true saints of God and now this age has past the crucifying of the saints, angels, messengers, buddhas, 144,000 has past away. This age of Untruth has past away now. The Age of truth is here now.

I publish this now and will give further explanation in the next post.