This is just notes on what is, what happened in the age past, and what I know. It is not scripture, and nothing I have typed nor written is regarded as perfect, complete nor whole, it is just a book of writing of an account of wisdom, enlightenment, awakening and “The Order of Truth.”

There is a matrix and the matrix has been destroyed because matrix means the unknown, and now that we in an age of truth and the age of untruth has passed away and all things are becoming new I will reveal the age that has passed.

When anyone starts a church that man stands as God on earth. If that man falls or anyone takes away that church from him then he becomes a type of fallen god. When I say church i mean any set structure with a foundation in the earth where there is some kind of God or deity worship. For in the beginning of all beginnings we all made a plan for a Rescuer to come to earth and that Rescuer was prophesied to fight the dragon, the dirtyness of suffering of all sentient beings. The people didn’t want to work for their own freedoms and for living in the Eternal plane of existence again as the Buddha directs all sentient beings towards.

In many ages in the past the Rescuer manifestations have come to fight the dragon first so sentient beings wouldn’t fall into the dirt and become a physical body and suffer terribly. In many ages for many different events happening in many ages there were always some beings who fell into the dirt of samsara suffering. First in the beginning of all beginnings was Micheal the Angel who fought the dragon and he fell into the dirt for the salvation of the children of the Universal One. Before their was Micheal their was the Atl Antis,Lemuria, Mu, and the Children of the Law of One. These is the type of premortal existence where the earth as we know it and human kind was created. The premortal and pre creation stories won’t  won’t be told on this website blog for reasons I can’t reveal at this time. I will say their is a matrix of reality that the evil ones wish to control that is unknown to the world. I will reveal the matrix as much as I can in writing and then only by word of mouth to those who come and find me.

To find out what the matrix is that holding you down, controlling you, pray to the rescuer in your heart. For we can all be rescued by the rescuer within. The great confusions of sentient beings are many; where all the confusion started was looking to the stars thinking a rescuer would come and rescue them. The rescuer is within all of us, we all have the rescuer within, the rescuer is all of us as a whole family of rescuers. The great confusion is that the one who is seen and heard by all to fight the dragon is the hero of humanity and they call him a Micheal, or a god, or a God, or maybe they think he is a Savior. The truth of the matter is that humanity needs to grow up and learn to be the rescuer for themselves within the Families, Family, Family meetings, Family Home Evening, as one whole family that is together as one in the Heart, Thee Highest Heart above the head.

When I say one family I say those who stand for the laws, principles of being, creation, consciousness, existence as being a rescuer, or a true Saint of the rescuers, and little children. For those who stand against the rescuer or whip people in churches, or do what they call blood atonement in the name of their church and or their God/diety they have stood against the rescuers, and the Rescuer himself. In the age past we have always believed in false teachings and false prophets from time to time and now that all sentient beings are awakening through the Rescuer within the Hearts of all through that Rescuer Principle Laws of creation, existence, consciousness, being, we all can be rescued by prayer, meditation, that brings us to those Hearts within and we can all break the egg of reality that has been matrixed into us so we can all be rescued from the untruth that has been hypnotized into our minds and hearts. Whatever happens on earth in the dirt of earth and in the dirt of the etheric and astral plane, and in the dirt of a confused mind is empty, nothing, clear, silent, still, happiness, joy bliss. We are all in Bond Free Neervana, and now that we are in an Age of the rescuers where everyone is a rescuer or a Saint here and all the enemies of truth within are destroyed we can now pray meditate and be the being that is rescued.

Some may find a manifestation of the Rescuer that Is the Buddha in this Age that we are now in. Some may see him on the internet as a picture or photo on the internet.

I am a man who found the truth after a long struggle; that is all.