I died many times in my Early Adult years from age seventeen to age twenty one. Each time I would go back in time and change the timeline, or I would just appear with a new body from the invisible. NOT reincarnation but appearing with a new body that was an exact duplicate from seconds before I died.

The memories are sketchy because I was taken into government custody many times. I was part of MK Ultra robot program, I was a mind controlled soldier for them because of my abilities. Thee only reason this happened is because I surrendered, for if I had not surrendered the USA Goverment and myself would have fought with each other until I destroyed the whole world.

This whole thing starts with a bad Christian Occult church and a mother who will not let her son grow up, but even after he is let go of Satanists and Occultists find him to try to capture him anyway.

This story is a long one that spans over 3000 years of fighting in hundreds of time lines. I time traveled at least hundreds of times if not thousands of times changing the time line and looking for a solution to the problem.

The Church had its own problems of pedophilia, unrighteous use of authority and leadership, general abuse, and over all ignorance. In many ways I had a good childhood, in many ways it was a complete nightmare.

The school child psychologist was a Satanist and my parents were part of an Occult Christian type world wide group. The school was always trying to diagnose me with some mental illness so they could do brain surgery and crack my head open. My hypothesis in the evidence of this memory is that they wanted to maybe put a chip or some kind of technology in my brain, or leave me completely retarded.

In some time lines I had fights to the death with any of the following or all of the above: “Church leaders, the military, cops, and so on. In some timelines I destroyed city blocks and even entire cities.”

This destruction was all made possible through Siddhis and Maha Astras. Each time I never intended to get in a fight; it was simply the enemies of truth not being willing to back down their force upon me.

It is my complete testimony that through many time lines and many life times that people have been totally unreasonable in relation to what is life sustainable, reasonable, rational, sane, and even mentally healthy. Let me also expand upon this by saying that I truly know their is no way to remain sane and reasonable within society when someone is abused at the level in which I have suffered.

In one time line I meditated for over 3000 years and never died, in another I fought many enemies of truth. I have some idea in what time line I am in. I am in the time line where I learned everything that I could through all the timelines and took all the wisdom so I could fulfill my full mission and purpose that I came here to fulfill.

I state without a doubt that all whom came against me in this life time have been neutralized in some way or another.