I have destroyed the earth five times before and all of humanity is in one general place together even in modern times in the 19th and 20th century. It was false beings who reintegrated us into a false earth reality and sent us back here. We are in a created earth and a created reality that is not even of God.

After I destroyed the earth one of the first times I wanted to take humanity through the remembering. Thee most egotistical people sat in the front and thee most afraid and humble people sat in the back.

It was my plan that as Krishna I would open the great hall of records and go through the entire remembering and history of humanity together with one and all. Once we fully remembered and had the darkness removed from our eyes we could create as one human family a place on where humanity could take on physical bodies once again.

We are living in a simulated human reality. I realize now that with all the egos and confusion of humanity and not knowing true human history their was absolutely no way to just get everyone to sit down and go through a remembering.

That remembering would have opened the eyes and clarified much for everyone and it would have empowered everyone to drop their own limiting stuff that holds us all back.

I now realize that it is alien and inter dimensional beings who have created this other earth after I destroyed it. We are in a real prison planet where they do not wish for us to remember anything. They want to imprison us all here according to their occult reality. I believe it was a group from another religion as well that played a great part in hyjacking the plan for humanity.

The plan was to go through a complete remembering so the veil of darkness and confusion would be lifted and then as one human race to recreate the earth and start over in the 19th century as if nothing had been destroyed.

The reason why I ever destroyed the earth is because in all earths and paralell time lines that I can remember it was some religion, occult, or government that wanted to force their way onto me. As the a fore-mentioned entities forced their way onto me I realized that many others were victims, I saw the veil of darkness that weighed heavy upon humanity. As I started to overcome this veil of darkness for all for all sentient beings within my view; they just fought harder and harder. The battle just became greater and greater until it lead to the destruction of the whole world!