Arnold Swartzenegger, Illuminati, all governments, United States of America, CIA, FBI; all promise, all religions, all entities, all beings, and the Universe and Universes: “All previous agreements, covenants, vows, promises, oaths, contracts, documents I signed and dated that are contrary to my Order of Truth are all here by repealed, null, and void.

I covenant, swear, make a contract, oath, agreement, vow, promise to destroy all enemies of the truth, all secret societies, all satanists, all illuminati groups, all elitist groups, all governments that harm children, all governments that do practices of enemies of the truth, all who come against me. As I idealize it all to be I make this oath, agreement, covenant, vow, promise, contract, and document.

Signed: Ryan Anthony Neibaur           Maha Avatar Kalki

Dated: January 7, 2018