My Story: First of all my life is thee exact prophecy the Kalki Purana, I am an incarnation of Krishna from the Bagavad-gita, maybe some people would call me a crystal child or indigo child.

This is my full story of how I got into MK Ultra and what happened, what they did to me and what they got me to do.

The whole thing started with unbelievable things happening at school where the kids would tease me, hit me, and do all manner of terrible things for violence. I would be the one to get into trouble and the kids would almost never get into trouble. It got to the point to where I was expelled eventually but I am getting ahead of myself in the story.

First they tried to say I had some neurological or mental problem, they could never nail down nor prove what that was.  Then they said I was ADHD. This was in 1986 and how they did things now and how they do things back then are completely different.

They gave me riddlin, and today riddlin is almost completely outlawed. You can’t just say someone is ADHD today or the school can get sued. Then they tried to say that I have seizures and that I get violent when people surround me and hit me. The Doctors name was Doctor Kelly, he was a protégé of a Satanist Professor Shapshiere. I found this out from a viable source that was into the Satanist circuit many years later in my adult life.

After they finally made me lose my mind completely already from all the abuse and blame and shame in school  they sent me to a psychiatric hospital for kids.  First thing they did was drug me up and then break the promise they made to my parents. They promised my parents up and down profusely that they would allow me to go to Church.  I didn’t go to church even one time!

It all started with the girl across from me. They put me in  room where a girl my age was right next to my room and we shared a bathroom. Now if that isn’t creepy and suspicious in intentions I don’t know what is? We ended up having sex at least twice, they caught us. They similuated this big blame and shame thing to make us think it was our fault.

To make a long story short I remember them bringing me into a room where she was laying down, some kind of Satanist prayers and hail satan was going on, they told me to get on top of her, I said no! because they really sold home before that it was wrong.  At first I got in on top of her, and then I got really angry.

So far this story is about a young boy, but it transitions into who I am today. That boy left and now I am here! That boy called upon Jesus Christ but to him it just didn’t feel powerful enough. So he called upon the head warrior soldier in the Army of God and then he said no not enough, remember that he heard once people talking about quantum physics and that there are mutli universes and multi realities. He called upon the Head Soldier of Rightousness truth and Light in the Multi Verse! He even said: “I want out of here!” I sacrifice this life and this body to this divine Soldier of Truth! These Satanist people are here now!! Come in your full power to kill them and destroy them not just for me but for all children that they do this to and will do this to if you don’t destroy them!

I Krishna heard the call, I am the head general in the Army of God in the Multi Verse. I only come to earth when evil and darkness rolls upon the earth. I entered that child. All the human mind remembers is screaming and feeling something new inside the mind and emotions. Screaming: “Krishna is coming! He is going to kill you all.

I clearly remember growing in size according the Supreme abilities described only in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts. I killed many men and women that day! I remember calling the only parents I knew. Krishna was inside, the old soul this body had left . In my mind and emotions I blessed that soul to the abode of Krishna for safety and happiness. I still had all the memories of the child and had a vague awareness of what had transpired.

I also have had dreams, visions and vague memories of having an iv of LSD in my system and them trying to purge my memory, and I have vague memories of being aware I was in a deep kind of coma with LSD coursing through my veins. My mind expanding and opening up. I opened up and explanded my mind and didn’t fight the LSD. I thought to myself, I will use the LSD open mind awareness to wake myself up and kill everyone that is here part of this program.

After about a half and hour my mind opened enough to where I could contact things with nature and the universe to force my body awake. I remember opening my eyes and pulling out the iv. I remember putting something over my arm to stop any bleeding.

I proceeded to kill over fourty people at that fascility and walked out with being thee only person alive in that building. This memory is from when I between 17 and 19 years old.

They never bothered me as much again after that. I know they have tried things periodically and that they are possibly after my children, but I am watching any signs with a close eye.