Today I found out that a person died that had done me great harm, even so much harm that they caused an illness that may be the thing that leads to my ultimate death.

In judging them I found things in those I love and cherish that are similar to her faults. I have come to realize that mental illness, and confusion of the mind comes from us hurting and condemning each other. We don’t forgive and move on and so we continue the cycle of hurting one another instead of loving each other.

What I am to destroy is darkness, the cycle of karma, the cycle of rebirth and death, suffering, and unwholesome karma.

It isn’t about getting what we want and living in a reality that our egos want. Its about living in the reality that spirit wants.

I am to destroy the world as we know it and make a better world. Not to destroy destroy things and people. Destruction is a change for the better, to destroy the darkness and bring forth light in an instant.

All sentient beings have done things that will bring suffering, are unwholesome karma. We must all forgive and look at the bigger picture. As we judge so shall we judge. We are to judge others!!! Jesus originally said: “Judge not lest you make a false Judgement.” This was changed by the false priests and scribes to hint at their intent for us to not judge but the priesthood is the only ones who judge.

Judgment is for putting things in their proper place, category, and order. If something is bad and brings bad things then we place it in the trash. We don’t place plutonium on our plate and eat it; later on we get cancer. Placing plutonium in a nuclear generator that produces electricity for houses is better.

We have discerning and judging faculties for a reason and we must use true wisdom of the Ancient Masters and Avatars with Judgment.

It is always divine to forgive, judgement doesn’t mean no forgiveness. Judgement means we put the action, behavior, thought, or speach of someone in its proper place and category. Too many people are committing bad acts of unwholesome karma because of the mental diseases lack of judgement creates.

Lack of judgement creates in a person’s mind put out of order many things. If in their mind they put plutonium on their plate and eat it; they get cancer. How we classify, quality, and categorize things is very important. Everything in its proper Dharma place and order, Thank You!