Come into the light my children for the whole world of Darkness will be destroyed. Koli Yuga has ended. The beginning of the dawn of light is upon us. Anyone who holds to any kind of darkness will be destroyed. The light breaks forth and the darkness disappears. Repent and renounce your evil ways or you will cease to be on the earth. You will die as a traitor to the truth/an enemy of the truth, and be sent to a wicked and dark planet; only because you loved darkness more than light.

I am pubicly announcing the complete destruction of the world and nations as we know it. All darkness upon the earth will be destroyed! The world of human type beings has become dark and dismal. The light will break forth and destroy anything holding onto darkness.

I have thee most powerful weapons of Light and Truth that have ever existed for millions of years. These weapons are physically more powerful than a nuclear weapon.

Do not take this lightly. What I say  have written in this post is not symbolic but literal.

I don’t care if everyone reads this or not. Its not my responsibility to make everyone read this and be informed. I publicly made the announcement. Its everyone else’s responsibility to choose to find my website and read this; not mine.