I have watched how men and women have suffered in their search for truth, salvation, and enlightenment. If only they would surrender themselves completely and easily; it would elevate so much of the suffering.

It is the Buddhist that looks into the true nature of life, the mind, and reality. It is the Hindu that does the same but fights the normal nature and course of life less. It is the Buddhist who goes into the great battle with himself to eliminate himself. Most Hindus if they go into the battle at all it is at the very end of their lives.

It is the Christian that believes in a God that has overcome all human and natural things. Some even believe in a God that is beyond this universe that is the cause of this universe. A God who will save them.

I think that all are true. If you examine the Universe and nature with a clear and silent mind you come to the same conclusions as the Hindu and Buddhist. If you go to the causeless cause of the nature of the Universe you will find a great awakened being beyond the Universe that is dreaming up the Universe its self.

There is God , there is Buddha, and there are Hindu Deities that exist. All is true and from many points of reality none of it is true. Let me explain.

First from a Buddhist and Hindu perspective the nature of the Universe is Empty, Nothing, stillness, and Clear Light. Within a perfect empty vacuum is infinite possibilities, infinite space, infinite energy, infinite time, infinite matter, and infinite truth.

The Universe in its true nature is aware of its self. It is also infinite Love. It is us that is an aspect of that divine nature. We are an aspect of the love of the Universe. Hindu Deities were just human type beings that lived thousands of years ago. They were all different aspects of the divine that came to humanity to teach them, to show an example of what is possible and leave behind a legacy so we would never forget.

Jesus is a very important manifestation of the divine. He a very important central figure for all humanity. He showed us the greatest love, forgiveness, compassion, and strength in giving salvation.

Jesus was actually a great student of the Buddha. Remember we are all divine manifestations of part of the great plan. Jesus died for our mistakes our sins, he fulfilled the covenant with the great God divine to save us from our confusion so we would not suffer and could at any time move forward into salvation.

The Buddha went beyond normal Hindu religion and evolved its practices beyond the cycle of rebirth and death, and suffering. He showed us how to remove the suffering from our minds. Jesus provided the forgiveness and salvation from what we do while we are confused.

Each messenger of God is a different manifestation of the Love of the creator of this Universe. I believe that just because you do not find a Great Creator of One God within the nature of the Universe doesn’t mean there isn’t a Great Creator God of this Universe that is beyond all Universes, and beyond the nature of it all?

I conclude that the great cause causeless cause all universes, and all things, could be beyond examination, could be beyond the mind its  self.

If i transcend the mind, transcend all infinite space, time, matter and energy… going to the essence of the universe then tracing the essence back to its causeless cause what do I find? God?

Is all true? The idea of God, Buddha, Jesus, and Hindu?