There is one repeating theme in all suffering. One core confusion that I have seen with all those who are not happy, and are working to gain happiness.

They all use spirituality, life, and free will choice wrongly!!!

All things spiritual, all things with the Divine are not to be used!

We do not use and abuse spiritual things. We are to keep them pure!

Pure means that spiritual things are applied for what they are meant to be applied for. If you use them for selfish reasons, to hurt others, to do black magic, to manipulate and control; then we are only bringing suffering to ourselves and others.

Unhappiness comes from abuse of our minds, hearts, and bodies. Our bodies are the temple, our minds are the director of the temple. Our emotions are the fires within the temple. Unhappiness comes from using the vehicle of the mind, body, and emotions in a corrupt way. Life is Holy! The body is Holy! The mind is Holy! Keep the Holiness of your body, mind, and emotions! In your mind, body and emotions if your out of truth, then you are in the dirt pile. If in truth; your mind, body, and emotions is with the thing its self, as it is, that is, was, and always will be.

If we use spiritual things to help others, and uplift others. To create a situation where everyone wins, everyone benefits; then we are on the right track. You can win, I can win and everyone can win. There doesn’t need to be any losers in the play of Dharma, and spirituality.

We are all ONE ESSENCE BEING. Individuals only exist in the samsara relative reality. In spirituality there are no individuals. If there are no individuals then its all a win win. If in your spiritual practice you create the reality that you win and someone else loses then your spiritual practice is not true.

No one can truly cheat you, steal from you, nor damage you in spirituality. ONE ESSENCE BEING that we all are can’t be changed, destroyed, nor damaged.

The way to be happy now is to keep things as they are, the thing its self, that is was, and always will be, as it is orginally. Not as it is qualified and created in the relative reality.

At this level we see the principle, law, and mission behind things. You might see a family owned store in your neighborhood. I see this principle and law of love with a Mission and Purpose to feed family. If the store cheats people, and causes people to lose money then the store doesn’t go by all the laws and principles involved. The store by divine law is eventually doomed to fail. If the store goes by principle and law of love, Mission, and Purpose is used to uplift, help, and serve others in return for goods and services; then the law of fair exchange is obeyed.

Everything that has lasted any amount of time in this world has obeyed a Mission a Purpose and the Divine Scientific Laws that make that Mission and Purpose succeed.

If we are to have happiness we must be in the flow of our Divine Mission and Purpose and we must obey the Laws and Principles that make that Divine Mission and Purpose succeed. When we are in aligned and centered with the Laws and Principles that make our Divine Mission and Purpose succeed we are in the flow of who we really are beyond the ego confused mind.