My result in Vajrayana after 3 years by Ryan Anthony Neibaur

In being blessed to attend Hevajra Vajrayana twice and thoroughly being instructed by the Non Dual Guru the results are thus:

Short Version: In experiences of Vajrayana and the essence Buddha nature outside of the body in the formless realm while the little I Am struggles, the little I Am died. I was reborn as a perfect human rebirth through the grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Gospel who did the Atonement for us so we could enter Heavenly Fathers Presence.

The Vajrayana and Buddhism I did has prepared me for the truth. I am reborn as a child of my Heavenly Father whom is the Father of Jesus Christ in the Gospel who did the Atonment for us so we could enter Heavenly Father Presence.

The Order of Truth is simple and sweet but it can also be bitter if you follow it wrongly, in the wrong way.

When we make errors in the truth it feels bad to those of us who follow the light. For the light of Christ is in all of us. If you ignore it you can lose your directional inner compass that allows you to follow Christ. It is by exercising this directional inner compass first that we get strong in the Gospel of Christ in the Atonement.

Its very bad to ever stand in someones way and ask them to deny Christ or to say to a christian that Jesus never existed. If you do not know Christ nor have you searched for Christ in your life then you have no knowledge nor testimony to say such things!

It is my prayer that the Buddhist culture will be more respectful in the future of Christians, for some Buddhist sects are not respectful of Christian testimony.

Now thus saith the Lord Jesus Christ: The truth is before thee. Self revalation, and self realization won’t produce salvation at all. If you know everything then how can you walk by Faith? Religion is about Faith, all religions have always been about Faith. If you become a Buddha and you make even one mistake you have sinned! All have made errors in the universal laws, eternal laws, of the universe regarding what Buddhists call Karma! Your Karma is mine thus saith the Lord! I hold it in my hand! Your self realization won’t save you. Only revelation in the Gospel and the Holy Ghost bearing witness to your heart, will, and soul.”

As a Buddha fortold in Buddhist and Hindu scriptures I bear witness to you if Buddha is the way to Enlightenment then Christ is Enlightenment. A Buddha will lead you to Christ not away from Christ.

Kalki the white horse rider whom is a Buddha is nothing more than a man. He fought the enemies of truth within himself to find the truth. The only Truth is “Jesus Christ in the Gospel in the Atonement that allows for forgiveness of sins.”

“Jesus Christ is thee only true White Horse rider!”
We are forgiven of sins so we do not suffer, and we do not enter Samsara realms.
The formless realm is nothing more than the place we came from before we were born at best!

Visualizing your  a God, god, or diety in vajrayana is nothing more than mental training to clear out all the bad things in your mind. Buddhist deities don’t really exist.

There is only one true and living Heavenly Father and we are his children. It is a grandiose mind that wants to go to the formless realms and to visualize themselves as a deity.
Vajrayana is for the sick of mind, heart and soul; so they can get rid of the gandiose ideas of not being on earth and in the world. Once we get rid of all the aggregates, and poisons, and defilements we can re-enter the world with Faith  hope and love in Jesus Christ.

A true Buddha leads you to Christ, he doesn’t have you worship nor believe in the Buddha, he has you worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.