The hidden truth about the Maha Avatar Kalki prophecy.

These notes on the hidden truths of the Maha Avatar Kalki prophecy are just notes according to everything that I know to have truth in my heart. It is written to the best of my ability. Some of it is matrixed in reality, it is the relative reality showing the matrix of how all this was matrixed in. These notes are about the struggle of light and dark within myself in connection with the world of confusion, the world of confusion is the desert of the world.



Part 2 Notes on The Hidden Truths of the degenerate age and the Secrets of the Maha Avatar Kalki prophecy

This is just notes on what is, what happened in the age past, and what I know. It is not scripture, and nothing I have typed nor written is regarded as perfect, complete nor whole, it is just a book of writing of an account of wisdom, enlightenment, awakening and “The Order of Truth.”

There is a matrix and the matrix has been destroyed because matrix means the unknown, and now that we in an age of truth and the age of untruth has passed away and all things are becoming new I will reveal the age that has passed.

When anyone starts a church that man stands as God on earth. If that man falls or anyone takes away that church from him then he becomes a type of fallen god. When I say church i mean any set structure with a foundation in the earth where there is some kind of God or deity worship. For in the beginning of all beginnings we all made a plan for a Rescuer to come to earth and that Rescuer was prophesied to fight the dragon, the dirtyness of suffering of all sentient beings. The people didn’t want to work for their own freedoms and for living in the Eternal plane of existence again as the Buddha directs all sentient beings towards.

In many ages in the past the Rescuer manifestations have come to fight the dragon first so sentient beings wouldn’t fall into the dirt and become a physical body and suffer terribly. In many ages for many different events happening in many ages there were always some beings who fell into the dirt of samsara suffering. First in the beginning of all beginnings was Micheal the Angel who fought the dragon and he fell into the dirt for the salvation of the children of the Universal One. Before their was Micheal their was the Atl Antis,Lemuria, Mu, and the Children of the Law of One. These is the type of premortal existence where the earth as we know it and human kind was created. The premortal and pre creation stories won’t  won’t be told on this website blog for reasons I can’t reveal at this time. I will say their is a matrix of reality that the evil ones wish to control that is unknown to the world. I will reveal the matrix as much as I can in writing and then only by word of mouth to those who come and find me.

To find out what the matrix is that holding you down, controlling you, pray to the rescuer in your heart. For we can all be rescued by the rescuer within. The great confusions of sentient beings are many; where all the confusion started was looking to the stars thinking a rescuer would come and rescue them. The rescuer is within all of us, we all have the rescuer within, the rescuer is all of us as a whole family of rescuers. The great confusion is that the one who is seen and heard by all to fight the dragon is the hero of humanity and they call him a Micheal, or a god, or a God, or maybe they think he is a Savior. The truth of the matter is that humanity needs to grow up and learn to be the rescuer for themselves within the Families, Family, Family meetings, Family Home Evening, as one whole family that is together as one in the Heart, Thee Highest Heart above the head.

When I say one family I say those who stand for the laws, principles of being, creation, consciousness, existence as being a rescuer, or a true Saint of the rescuers, and little children. For those who stand against the rescuer or whip people in churches, or do what they call blood atonement in the name of their church and or their God/diety they have stood against the rescuers, and the Rescuer himself. In the age past we have always believed in false teachings and false prophets from time to time and now that all sentient beings are awakening through the Rescuer within the Hearts of all through that Rescuer Principle Laws of creation, existence, consciousness, being, we all can be rescued by prayer, meditation, that brings us to those Hearts within and we can all break the egg of reality that has been matrixed into us so we can all be rescued from the untruth that has been hypnotized into our minds and hearts. Whatever happens on earth in the dirt of earth and in the dirt of the etheric and astral plane, and in the dirt of a confused mind is empty, nothing, clear, silent, still, happiness, joy bliss. We are all in Bond Free Neervana, and now that we are in an Age of the rescuers where everyone is a rescuer or a Saint here and all the enemies of truth within are destroyed we can now pray meditate and be the being that is rescued.

Some may find a manifestation of the Rescuer that Is the Buddha in this Age that we are now in. Some may see him on the internet as a picture or photo on the internet.

I am a man who found the truth after a long struggle; that is all.

The Hidden Truths of the degenerate age and the Secrets of the Maha Avatar Kalki prophecy

Maha Avatar Kalki means he didn’t want to be a deity at all, that all messengers who had a message and got killed in the process are revered as deities only because the fallen ones want to continue to kill the messenger again and again. Messengers or people who are Buddhas are just men who gain wisdom, enlightenment, and awakening for all sentient beings are not God, nor gods. Gods and gods this way is only in the mind of human beings.

In the ages in the past the Churches and the secret societies in the churches whip and beat the 144,000 over and over again that are the messengers and the Buddhas. They want to confuse their minds and make them think they are gods or Gods. This is so when they enter the church and say they are a god or God they can whip and beat them and kill them.

I never wanted to be a deity nor a God nor god, I always wanted to be a simple man and meditate. What I became was a Buddha, a Buddha is a man who meditates and has loving kindness and compassion upon all beings. I am the Buddha of the 5th time, the Buddha of the 5th time figures out how all churches and religions are corrupt and how they write scriptures and prophecies regarding the coming of the 144,000 angels who come to assist human kind that are actual Buddhas.

In the age that has past already life time after life time they would capture these Buddhas and whip them because they would deify them and then kill them in the churches, or buildings set in the ground of worship.

I am so thankful that this age has passed due to the long hard work of all the true saints of God and now this age has past the crucifying of the saints, angels, messengers, buddhas, 144,000 has past away. This age of Untruth has past away now. The Age of truth is here now.

I publish this now and will give further explanation in the next post.

The Order of Truth without my struggle and confusion



Maha Avatara

Signed: Ryan Anthony Neibaur

Dated: 2/8/2018

I have written many things through my years and I have signed and dated stuff through the years, it was only a simulation of a reality that was looping through time to confuse my own mind. This type of reality and practice was not the Order of Truth as it is to be in pure truth. I confess that I was ignorant through my life in this because of lack of family planning. Thee only thing I ever really lacked was Family Home Planning which is the family getting together in the home and having meetings about the scriptures in the home that has to be centered in Jesus Christ. All books are very important as part of the plan. It is the Christ centered home that can find out the full truth of all scriptures and find true eternal salvation.

The Christ centered plan does include all books of scriptures from all religions. One must truly know Jesus Christ and have a very Christ centered family first in the plan of salvation that is sure to succeed before you go on the journey in the Order of Truth. Without the family in the blood of Jesus Christ Atonement you can’t be able to find a true and lasting salvation. You will reincarnate over and over again. My great confusion in the Buddhist culture was that I always saw that these even of the greatest of all monks they still were reincarnating over and over again and didn’t get a true and lasting salvation. They seemed to achieve thee highest that in the Buddha would achieve but I always tracked their path in the past, present, and future through time and I saw that they would reincarnate again and I thought it was the family bringing them back only. That these buddhist sects don’t let go and call them to reincarnate over and over again. I thought this was the cause of them having to come back over and over again. The true cause of them having to come back over and over again is because without Jesus Christ the family gets confused as to its true purpose mission. The true mission and purpose of the family is Dharma. The True dharma is that we all as a family in homes, in structures that are meeting places, in governance over the whole of the human family, in governance over all beings through out the universe have meetings and do atonement by cleanings and reordering the great family of the Universe that is centered in Jesus Christ who already did the blood atonement for us. It is by having Family Home Evening for all Faiths/Family Meetings for all Faiths centered in the manifestation that is Jesus Christ that does atonement for us that we all throughout the universe have summits and lift off into a different world that is happiness, safety, love, security, eternal life.


Cutting the first scroll of the Order of Truth it is a large and happy fact that there are many manifestations of the Universal One Creator that spoke the word and created the Multiverse and all manifestations. In the very beginning of all beginnings in the great Universal One before anything was created and all was together as one where no relative reality was yet created and there was no form and no void; all was just together. It was the first awareness of the being that brought forth the first thought, this first thought ^ Ahhhh Maaaaa made a sound which is best written as Om Falon Murado



The Secret History of Shiva and Krishna

Krishna and Shiva were at first friends. Krishna first met Shiva as a man who taught the Yoga and was a man in great pain. He was in great pain and had many problems because he killed his Son Ganesha. He couldn’t forgive himself.

One important thing one must remember is that this at least didn’t happen on this world and in this time line; it happened in the world that the creation of Brahma’s fifth head. In the Hindu scriptures it says that Shiva cut off Brahma’s fifth head. Shiva did this by altering the universe, the time line and going back to the sources of creation its self. He altered the time line and the way the universe was. Shiva did this because he wanted to change the fact of him killing Ganesha and being condemned and punished by Brahma.

All Shiva needs to do is forgive himself and undo the changes he did to the timeline. He just needs to go through the process of forgiveness. For I an incarnation of Krishna forgive him. The Karma of what he has done has a way of being undone and will run out.

Brahma’s fifth head represents the original pristine pure version of ourselves and the universe before Shiva corrupted it to try to be the one absolute god. Yes Shiva wanted to overthrow all the other hindu gods and all other Gods and be thee one and only God. This is why in other life times I was Akenaten and I was the first one to start a monotheistic religion. I did it and did the Manjushri of what I did in starting monothesistic religions and dedicated it to the Universal One non individual self and dedicated it so Shiva would never be the absolute god over all that he wanted to be and dedicated it to undoing the harm that Shiva did.

Shiva has been forgiven and the Karma of what he did will one day run out. We will all reach the 5th head of Brahma and together we will all be one Universal One family.


My Battles in Early Adulthood

I died many times in my Early Adult years from age seventeen to age twenty one. Each time I would go back in time and change the timeline, or I would just appear with a new body from the invisible. NOT reincarnation but appearing with a new body that was an exact duplicate from seconds before I died.

The memories are sketchy because I was taken into government custody many times. I was part of MK Ultra robot program, I was a mind controlled soldier for them because of my abilities. Thee only reason this happened is because I surrendered, for if I had not surrendered the USA Goverment and myself would have fought with each other until I destroyed the whole world.

This whole thing starts with a bad Christian Occult church and a mother who will not let her son grow up, but even after he is let go of Satanists and Occultists find him to try to capture him anyway.

This story is a long one that spans over 3000 years of fighting in hundreds of time lines. I time traveled at least hundreds of times if not thousands of times changing the time line and looking for a solution to the problem.

The Church had its own problems of pedophilia, unrighteous use of authority and leadership, general abuse, and over all ignorance. In many ways I had a good childhood, in many ways it was a complete nightmare.

The school child psychologist was a Satanist and my parents were part of an Occult Christian type world wide group. The school was always trying to diagnose me with some mental illness so they could do brain surgery and crack my head open. My hypothesis in the evidence of this memory is that they wanted to maybe put a chip or some kind of technology in my brain, or leave me completely retarded.

In some time lines I had fights to the death with any of the following or all of the above: “Church leaders, the military, cops, and so on. In some timelines I destroyed city blocks and even entire cities.”

This destruction was all made possible through Siddhis and Maha Astras. Each time I never intended to get in a fight; it was simply the enemies of truth not being willing to back down their force upon me.

It is my complete testimony that through many time lines and many life times that people have been totally unreasonable in relation to what is life sustainable, reasonable, rational, sane, and even mentally healthy. Let me also expand upon this by saying that I truly know their is no way to remain sane and reasonable within society when someone is abused at the level in which I have suffered.

In one time line I meditated for over 3000 years and never died, in another I fought many enemies of truth. I have some idea in what time line I am in. I am in the time line where I learned everything that I could through all the timelines and took all the wisdom so I could fulfill my full mission and purpose that I came here to fulfill.

I state without a doubt that all whom came against me in this life time have been neutralized in some way or another.





I have destroyed the earth five times before and why?

I have destroyed the earth five times before and all of humanity is in one general place together even in modern times in the 19th and 20th century. It was false beings who reintegrated us into a false earth reality and sent us back here. We are in a created earth and a created reality that is not even of God.

After I destroyed the earth one of the first times I wanted to take humanity through the remembering. Thee most egotistical people sat in the front and thee most afraid and humble people sat in the back.

It was my plan that as Krishna I would open the great hall of records and go through the entire remembering and history of humanity together with one and all. Once we fully remembered and had the darkness removed from our eyes we could create as one human family a place on where humanity could take on physical bodies once again.

We are living in a simulated human reality. I realize now that with all the egos and confusion of humanity and not knowing true human history their was absolutely no way to just get everyone to sit down and go through a remembering.

That remembering would have opened the eyes and clarified much for everyone and it would have empowered everyone to drop their own limiting stuff that holds us all back.

I now realize that it is alien and inter dimensional beings who have created this other earth after I destroyed it. We are in a real prison planet where they do not wish for us to remember anything. They want to imprison us all here according to their occult reality. I believe it was a group from another religion as well that played a great part in hyjacking the plan for humanity.

The plan was to go through a complete remembering so the veil of darkness and confusion would be lifted and then as one human race to recreate the earth and start over in the 19th century as if nothing had been destroyed.

The reason why I ever destroyed the earth is because in all earths and paralell time lines that I can remember it was some religion, occult, or government that wanted to force their way onto me. As the a fore-mentioned entities forced their way onto me I realized that many others were victims, I saw the veil of darkness that weighed heavy upon humanity. As I started to overcome this veil of darkness for all for all sentient beings within my view; they just fought harder and harder. The battle just became greater and greater until it lead to the destruction of the whole world!

All Agreements are repealed, null, void.

Arnold Swartzenegger, Illuminati, all governments, United States of America, CIA, FBI; all promise, all religions, all entities, all beings, and the Universe and Universes: “All previous agreements, covenants, vows, promises, oaths, contracts, documents I signed and dated that are contrary to my Order of Truth are all here by repealed, null, and void.

I covenant, swear, make a contract, oath, agreement, vow, promise to destroy all enemies of the truth, all secret societies, all satanists, all illuminati groups, all elitist groups, all governments that harm children, all governments that do practices of enemies of the truth, all who come against me. As I idealize it all to be I make this oath, agreement, covenant, vow, promise, contract, and document.

Signed: Ryan Anthony Neibaur           Maha Avatar Kalki

Dated: January 7, 2018

This body was once part of MK Ultra

My Story: First of all my life is thee exact prophecy the Kalki Purana, I am an incarnation of Krishna from the Bagavad-gita, maybe some people would call me a crystal child or indigo child.

This is my full story of how I got into MK Ultra and what happened, what they did to me and what they got me to do.

The whole thing started with unbelievable things happening at school where the kids would tease me, hit me, and do all manner of terrible things for violence. I would be the one to get into trouble and the kids would almost never get into trouble. It got to the point to where I was expelled eventually but I am getting ahead of myself in the story.

First they tried to say I had some neurological or mental problem, they could never nail down nor prove what that was.  Then they said I was ADHD. This was in 1986 and how they did things now and how they do things back then are completely different.

They gave me riddlin, and today riddlin is almost completely outlawed. You can’t just say someone is ADHD today or the school can get sued. Then they tried to say that I have seizures and that I get violent when people surround me and hit me. The Doctors name was Doctor Kelly, he was a protégé of a Satanist Professor Shapshiere. I found this out from a viable source that was into the Satanist circuit many years later in my adult life.

After they finally made me lose my mind completely already from all the abuse and blame and shame in school  they sent me to a psychiatric hospital for kids.  First thing they did was drug me up and then break the promise they made to my parents. They promised my parents up and down profusely that they would allow me to go to Church.  I didn’t go to church even one time!

It all started with the girl across from me. They put me in  room where a girl my age was right next to my room and we shared a bathroom. Now if that isn’t creepy and suspicious in intentions I don’t know what is? We ended up having sex at least twice, they caught us. They similuated this big blame and shame thing to make us think it was our fault.

To make a long story short I remember them bringing me into a room where she was laying down, some kind of Satanist prayers and hail satan was going on, they told me to get on top of her, I said no! because they really sold home before that it was wrong.  At first I got in on top of her, and then I got really angry.

So far this story is about a young boy, but it transitions into who I am today. That boy left and now I am here! That boy called upon Jesus Christ but to him it just didn’t feel powerful enough. So he called upon the head warrior soldier in the Army of God and then he said no not enough, remember that he heard once people talking about quantum physics and that there are mutli universes and multi realities. He called upon the Head Soldier of Rightousness truth and Light in the Multi Verse! He even said: “I want out of here!” I sacrifice this life and this body to this divine Soldier of Truth! These Satanist people are here now!! Come in your full power to kill them and destroy them not just for me but for all children that they do this to and will do this to if you don’t destroy them!

I Krishna heard the call, I am the head general in the Army of God in the Multi Verse. I only come to earth when evil and darkness rolls upon the earth. I entered that child. All the human mind remembers is screaming and feeling something new inside the mind and emotions. Screaming: “Krishna is coming! He is going to kill you all.

I clearly remember growing in size according the Supreme abilities described only in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts. I killed many men and women that day! I remember calling the only parents I knew. Krishna was inside, the old soul this body had left . In my mind and emotions I blessed that soul to the abode of Krishna for safety and happiness. I still had all the memories of the child and had a vague awareness of what had transpired.

I also have had dreams, visions and vague memories of having an iv of LSD in my system and them trying to purge my memory, and I have vague memories of being aware I was in a deep kind of coma with LSD coursing through my veins. My mind expanding and opening up. I opened up and explanded my mind and didn’t fight the LSD. I thought to myself, I will use the LSD open mind awareness to wake myself up and kill everyone that is here part of this program.

After about a half and hour my mind opened enough to where I could contact things with nature and the universe to force my body awake. I remember opening my eyes and pulling out the iv. I remember putting something over my arm to stop any bleeding.

I proceeded to kill over fourty people at that fascility and walked out with being thee only person alive in that building. This memory is from when I between 17 and 19 years old.

They never bothered me as much again after that. I know they have tried things periodically and that they are possibly after my children, but I am watching any signs with a close eye.